Proposals for future  events are now being accepted for BLACK SPECULATIVE ARTS MOVEMENT. While colleges and universities are preferred, other venues might be an option to consider as well, including museums, libraries, and medium to large venues.

© NayMarie Photography for Taji Mag | www.TajiMag.com

© NayMarie Photography for Taji Mag | http://www.TajiMag.com



Venues must include-

MULTIPLE CLASSROOMS/ROOMS. Multiple rooms are needed for classes, workshops, lectures, and panels.

VENDING SPACE. All events must have proper space for vendors/exhibitors to set up/sell. Venues should have at least 25 six foot tables.

THEATRE/AUDITORIUM for FILM FESTIVAL. Space must have a projector to screen our international film festival as part of the programming, as well as a computer system.

WiFi. Many panelists, lecturers, vendors, and instructors need wifi to properly operate their activities, as well as the film festival.

photos from DETROIT::
photos from ST LOUIS, L.A., PHILLY, TORONTO, BRONX, etc
photo by Daniel Zarazua, PochinoPress.com
If you have any further questions or are interested in booking, please contact us directly at (313) 451-0297, or BSAMstaff@gmail.com. You can also contact us here, or also on our Facebook fan page. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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