2017 BSAM/MECCAcon Schedule


Here, you will find our official schedule for upcoming events! We will keep this page updated constantely, so check often!

Hope to see you soon!

Dr Anderson, Maia “Crown” Williams, Quentin VerCetty, Chevy Eugene.


BSAM TEXAS 2017 : Prairie View A&M University, February 18

BSAM ST LOUIS 2017: Harris-Stowe State University, March 17-18

BSAM FUTURISMO 2017 : Bronx Museum of Arts, April 22

BSAM OAKLAND 2017 : California State University EAST BAY, May 13

BSAM L.A. 2017: Vision Theatre, Liemert Village, KAOS Network, People’s Street Park, June 25th

MECCAcon 2017 : Detroit Public Library MAIN BRANCH, September 16


Join the movement! Email as at BSAMstaff@gmail.com if you are interested un vending/exhibiting, paneling, holding workshops, or having your film as an offical selection in MECCACON INTERANTIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, also held at every BSAM convention! Hit us up also if you are interested in your school/facility hosting a future event!


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