#BSAMbookshelf: 133ART


Studio 133art is a Los Angeles based comic book production house
founded by illustrator and writer, multi award winner, Jason Reeves.

The studio, comprised of a small group of freelance artists, offers comic book pre-press services (pencils, colors, letters) at very affordable rates. Although primarily a comic book production studio, 133art offers services in non-comic book mediums as well:
Character/Concept design, Commissioned art, Book Cover illustration, and Trading Card illustration.



Illustrator Jason Reeves is a Los Angeles based comics creator who
has had his comics work published by USA Today, Arch Enemy Ent.,
Devil’s Due Publishing, Arcana Studios. In addition to comics, he has
done illustration for Esquire Magazine, HASBRO’s G.I. Joe and
Transformers Kre-o line and Heavy Metal’s ‘Art of Agent 88’.
For more on his work and 133art’s comic seri, ONE NATION, KID CARVERS, and F-00 FIGHTERS, visit: http://133art.com/



Colorist Luis Guerrero, based in Vera Cruz, Mexico, has been
published in several countries, including Mexico, China, Canada,
United States and the United Kingdom. He has worked for
companies such as Zeroes2heroes publishing, Arch Enemy Ent./
USAToday.com’s ‘F-00 Fighters’ series, Heavy Metal’s ‘Art of Agent 88’, Ape entertainment and Image comics. You can see more of his work at: http://luis-guerrero.deviantart.com/


Gi Martins & Sara Ferreira a.ka. STKSTARBULLET
Two best friends born and raised in Portugal who always loved drawing and being creative. Gi & Sara joined forces as ‘StarTwo’ in 2005, working mainly as illustrators. As time progressed so did their ambition together with new opportunities to work in other different areas such as videogames, table top games and comic books. This past year they’ve completed work on 133art’s OneNation comic series and were the winners
of the United Kingdom’s Manga Jiman Competition for their short 2012 manga ‘I LOVE YOU!’ You can see more of ‘StarTwo’s work at: https://www.facebook.com/astriduo/?fref=ts

To purchase comics and posters from 133art, click HERE!




Just one of MANY pieces commissioned by Maia Crown Williams, but will always be her favorite. This was done for MECCAcon 2014.


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