#MECCAconWeekly w/ Denys Cowan


On this week’s #MECCAconWeekly, I’m more than honored to present to you an interview I held with with our living legend, Denys Cowan. Cowan is co-founder of the historic Milestone Media, known for comics such as Static Shock, Hardwire, Icon, and many more. His creative team broke barriers. Had it not been for Milestone, there wouldn’t be the books YOU all are working on in mainstream. Milestone gave opportunities to the comic book industry that never happened before:: They gave DC Comics the BIGGIE approach:: “kick in the door, wavin’ da 4-4”, … So to speak, lol.
Cowan, however, is known for FAR more than Milestone Media. He is half of the reason the Black Panther animated series existed. His work on many Batman Series, BET, The Question, Shaft, and many other projects give me VALID reason to do everything BUT turn this into yet another Milestone Comics…

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