REDLINES: BALTIMORE 2028, Jason Harris



Jason Harris has gathered some of Baltimore’s most talented writers to tackle the idea of imagining Baltimore in the near future. The result is an amazingly diverse portrait of Charm City, ranging from high speed chases on hover boards, man vs. robot in the workplace, to the emergence of ‘Indigo’ children. The only question is, will there be any crabcakes left? ‘Redlines: Baltimore 2028’ leaves no stone unturned in looking towards the future..

About the Author: Jason’s work was first published by Pearl Cleage in the Catalyst, and his work has also appeared in Black Enterprise magazine and various community based print and online publications. For the past 15 years he has worked in the IT field, and he currently works in a Baltimore area high school. His work can be seen online at http://www.newfuturism.com.


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